A Leading Authority on Romance Proves the Versatility of His Advice

There is never a shortage of romantic relationship advice to be found online, but much of it is of little use to anyone. A few experts, however, have made it clear that they actually have what it takes to provide strategies and tactics that others can put to use.

Author James Bauer, for example, has done exactly that. The first book he published, His Secret Obsession, changed the lives for many readers for the better by detailing a powerful romantic secret that had gone unnoticed for far too long. At his website Be Irresistible, he provides even more tips and strategies that his eager readers can put to use in their own lives.

A Principle That Applies Across the Whole Range of Romantic Situations

Some romantic advice is only narrowly applicable, at best, meaning that it will be inherently of use to only a small, select audience. The Hero Instinct that Bauer described in His Secret Obsession, however, is an idea that can be leveraged across a full range of romantic problems and struggles. Some of the situations within which Bauer has demonstrated the usefulness of this principle include:

Early attraction. For many, the most vulnerable and delicate period of a relationship is the early stage where only a few basic threads of attraction have become clear. Failing to make the right moves at this point can be costly, with nothing in the way of commitment or momentum being available to keep things moving along.

Aimless dating. In some cases, even a relationship that gets off to a strong start can start to meander and peter out before long. Being ready to inject a jolt of passion and excitement into a relationship at this point can easily pay off.

Routine decay. Once a couple has been together for some time, the simple force of habit can start to cloud and obscure the magic that initially made things so exciting. Making good use of the Hero Instinct when this happens can quickly turn things around.

After a breakup. Even once one half of a former couple has seemed to move on, things can often still be salvaged. At his popular website, Bauer details how those who have suffered breakups can turn their pain into a form of determination that can heal and restore.

Practical Advice That Makes a Difference

By helping out in situations like these and others, Bauer has become a leading authority on such matters. While not every romantic goal always proves to be realistic, those who make the effort to seek out useful, proven advice can maximize their chances of success.


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